ANVO Acres Soaps

This page is dedicated to the soaps made at ANVO Acres.  We have a variety of scents mostly done with essential oils but a select few are made with perfumed scents.  We also use all natural oils that help to soften and sooth your skin; maintaining their suppleness and keeping them from getting chapped and dry.  Most of our soaps are made with our goats milk but we do carry a few different soaps with filtered water as the base.

Each soap bar is approx. 4oz a piece; each bar is hand cut so the actual ounce weight can vary some.
     We also, on occasion, have 2oz size bathroom bars in each soap type. 

 PRICE: Each 4oz bar is $4.00 (Every 4 bars bought save $1.00 off of total purchase.)

 Shipping: Can do shipping at additional cost.  Additional cost per bar is $1.25 each.
           ** Until I get a paypal account set up a check or bank money order can be sent to 
                cover cost of soap and shipping.  Checks will need to clear at the bank prior to
                soaps being shipped to their destination.  

           ** Please check for availability of soap(s) you want prior to sending any money. Can  
               email me at and put "soap" in subject line.  Thanks.

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