Friday, September 26, 2014

For Sale

Spinning Wheel in good shape.  Don't know the name of it.  $200 dollars -- Sold

ANVO Acres LCT Batman
 (No Longer For Sale, Will see how he develops)
Polled Shetland ram lamb, born March 2014, Very nice boy and will be a good herd sire. Will be registered with NASSA. . If he travels out of state the buyer is responsible for cost of travel papers.
Dam: Ebony (black)
Sire: Titus (Moorit gulmoget)

"Bo Duke" now Ace  -- Sold, Thanks Karen
Polled Shetland ram lamb (currently), born March 2014. Nice personality and I will probably be wethering him soon.  He currently can be purchased intact but no registration.  If you want him registered then it will be addiontional cost.  Currently price is $100 intact ram lamb but unregistered.
$175 intact ram lamb with registration.  Buyer is responsible for cost of any travel papers outside of TN.
Dam: Fiona (white)
Sire: Titus (Moorit gulmoget)

Friday, August 29, 2014

Change is in the air!


 I haven't posted here in a long time.  So its fitting to say that there has been many changes since last year and many more NOW.

We are selling our house and going to move closer to my husband mom.
I have downsized in the amount of animals I've had and I thought maybe I should sell these two boys.  I still have their daddy for breeding and they are related in some way or another to most of my girls.  If they don't sell I won't be heartbroken because I love them but they are still intact.

The moorit ram lamb is intact and will be registered with NASSA.  He only has very tiny scurrs at this point.  Was born March 2014

His half brother next to him can be registered but right now I was planning on letting him go just as unregistered.  Both have wonderful soft fleece.