Monday, December 13, 2010

House Guest and SNOW!!!

 Well this wee one is my little house guest.  Her name is Thumbalina, a very petite nigerian doe.  She was born mid summer and has been doing great until it turned cold.  She came in the house of friday, even before we had any snow.  She was looking cold and her buddies were not helping her to stay warm.  Her new place is my old pack-n-play that my youngest daughter used to sleep in.  In this picture she is patiently waiting while her new area is being cleaned.  She is a very good house guest and doesn't complain much, except when she wants her breakfast.  So while she is staying warm inside, the following pictures are alot colder...burr.
This is what I saw out my from door.  My shetland sheep, or most of them.
  They are the only ones that don't seem to care too much for the snow.  Of course most of them are from up north and are used to more snow than this. :)

My husband here is being a dear heart and helping to start feed the hay to them.  Gracie (pyr) is wondering "where is my food?"  Hold on Grace, I'm fixing you something warm.

Shane is here making a snowball to throw back at his dad. Of course a view of our messy back/side yard as a little extra.  See the forgotten plastic slide; it seems my husband and I can't keep the toys and projects made by our kids picked up.

Guess who?  Gabi is so covered up I asked her if she could see, then she showed me her one eye peeking out.  I should have gotten that picture.  Kella is all bundled up and enjoying our Tennessee snow.  They all came in cold but happy.

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