Friday, March 18, 2011

New This Week!

This is Bella--a 8yr old Golden Retriever that my husband got free from some people that could not keep her.  My husband has been wanting one and he saved her from the 'you know where' place.  She comes with good manners and house trained already.  Kids lover her and she seems to put up with them like she's been around them her whole life. :-)
Nigerian triplet does with blue eyes.  Three days old today and doing great! Born this week.
ALMOND ROSE Soap--New batch made this week. Available for sale after curing a couple weeks.  Can go to to see more info on my soaps. 


  1. What a pretty dog! I am glad she is working out so well.

  2. How wonderful -- for you and the dog!

    (Happy Sabbath!)

  3. She is a pretty good dog, except she likes to beg in the kitchen and at the table. :(