Monday, June 13, 2011

Not So Welcome Guest

Well there are some things in this life that I'm not too thrilled to have around me when they're not contained.  This is one of them; a BIG bull, at least to me.  We had a storm Saturday night and I can only guess that he decided to slip out of where ever he came from.  So he shows up at our house on Sunday; I was at work and had called home to see how things were going.  My husband tells me that there is a bull in our yard.  I thought he was joking.  Today I went to leave for work and he was still out there next to my does pen; seems he has a crush on some of my girls.  Today I prayed he would find his way home so I wouldn't have to deal with him when I got home.  He was STILL here!  I went to talk with a few neighbors; no one knew anything about him.  Someone did suggest he probably came from back 'in the hollor'.  Well being alone I wasn't going to venture there.  So back home I came;  to watch wearily where this bull would go.  I watched him from my porch meander from the front yard to the side where the goats are, eating grass along the way and leaving his mark... I fed a few of my dogs and the sheep that are closer to the house; since HE was down the opposite direction from me.

Then I decided I would go watch my show I like on Mondays... The next thing I knew was my Gracie was barking differently :(  I look out the window and see a guy crossing the back yard with a long white pole.  I'm thinking YEH!  my prayers are answered.  I went outside and found out my neighbor from 'down in the holler' has been looking for his cow that got out.  I talked with him a few minutes, he offered to repair any damages to my garden, I told him that there wasn't much and to not worry about it, then he guided the cow with his long pole back down the drive to the road toward his house without a problem. 

I had a real fear with that cow being lose in my living area.  I don't like that feeling at all but I know God was watching over us.  He kept us safe and the cow didn't destroy anything or show any mean tendencies.         My prayers were answered. 
I think I know why the cow got loose and thought we were a safe haven; the neighbor said he was destined to go to his freezer and we don't eat beef here :-)

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