Saturday, April 28, 2012

ANVO Acres lambs for 2012

 Ewe lamb:
 ANVO Acres Fiona

  * Sire: Smiley  (white)
     Dam: Ebony  (black)

Ram lamb:
ANVO Acres Frosty (unreg)                   

 * Sire: Smiley       
    Dam: Snow Flake      


Ewe lamb:
ANVO Acres Lannah

  * Sire: Smiley
     Dam: Easter Day (Black gulmoget)

Ewe lamb (on the left):
  ANVO Acres Holly
Ram lamb (on the right):
  ANVO Acres Coco

  * Sire: Titus (Moorit gulmoget)
     Dam: Sunshine (Light blond)


Well these are all my baby lambs for this year.  I feel I have some good babies this year and I'm thrilled I have 3 girls and only 2 boys.  So I can grow my little flock this year and only the boys will go to my mother after their weaned and wethered.