Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sabbath Afternoon Pictures...Belately

Frosty in the front (unregistered shetland ram lamb) and Fiona in the back.

Nigerian kids playing.
Easter Day needing to have her baby(ies).  My guess is she'll have twins.  Praying for at least one ewe. :)
My bottle babies that came home for a visit from my mom's.  She is helping to take care of them.  Coco on the left and 'Rainbow' Holly on the right.

Makella and Gabi with a couple of the goat mamas.  I guess they were giving them a break.

Kella holding Coco and standing next to Elf her pony.


  1. The children look so sweet! I love looking at pictures of all your animals.

  2. That Fiona has a stunning fleece!