Friday, October 1, 2010

Of Kids, Lambs, and Kittens

Gabi with Snowflake (unreg shetland ewe lamb) in front, she is just a doll baby.

This is Lil' Country Ebony (Bearclaw x Grace), carries polled and spotting genetics.  I think she looks just like her mama.

Snowflake, born on a snowy march day, same as my youngest daughter's birthday.  She is so sweet and lets the kids love all over her.  She's a keeper even though she's not registered.  Luv her!!!
 From left to right: Thumbalina (Nigerian Dwarf), Gwen (Nubian), front right Gia (Nigora), back right Mia (twin to Gia).  These are my baby girls from this year.  Gwen is my future milker to make soap and cheese.

These are some cute kids and their kittens.  ANYONE wanting some kittens!!! :) 


  1. Lots of cute critters and kids there! Too far away for kittens, though.... :-)

  2. OMG! The last photo looks like the little one has a strangle hold on that kitten! ;-)

    I see that you DO have a blog! I'll have to link to it...

  3. She has to be reminded to be gentle with them. I promise the kitten is OK. :)