Friday, November 26, 2010

What I'm Thankful For...

I'm thankful for my husband who even though we don't see eye to eye sometimes, he is wonderful and patient.
He is a great father and hard worker.  He helps me out when I need to go on "animal trips" and such.
I'm thankful for my three wonderful kids.  They are getting so grown up and life flies by so fast.  I have to constantly remind myself it's good and needful to slow down.

I'm thankful to Juliann who has helped me over the past few years to be able to get some polled shetland sheep.  Thankful with my newest addition of "Titus" who is now my herd sire.  He's a wonderful addition this year along with Peep, and older shetland ewe from Juliann also. 
And I'm sooo thankful for my friend of many many years Teri who has helped me in so many ways.  She is my friend, mentor, sister even though not by blood.  She recently helped move my Little Man closer to home.  He is still very messy here and has had to have a hair cut do to burrs.  It'll grow back in time for spring though. :)
I feel like some loose ends are finally being tied up.



  1. A wonderful post. I'm trying hard not to be jealous of your ram, and am thrilled for you to have your horse closer. I went for a ride yesterday; something to be thankful for! ;-)

  2. Thank-you, he is wonderful. I'm so thrilled to have him from Juliann. I'm also enjoying having Little Man closer, now if only he was rideable; just a big pet for now.

  3. Juliann pointed me in your I am a polled Shetland breeder also.
    Just stopped in to say hello and kudos on the nice ram.
    Look up my blog when you have a second at