Sunday, January 30, 2011

Preview of Spring!!!

These are my kids playing in the park after church yesterday.  It was sunny and about mid 50's for temp.  Birds were singing.  A few buds look like their starting to form.  Of course we may have another cold spell and they will be gone.  But...
For those of us (me) who are tired of the cold weather; it was nice to have a reprieve from the cold and snow.  

Titus enjoying a scratching on his jaw; he was wagging his tail at the same time.  I love this ram!  I believe he's going to give me some wonderful babies in April.

This is my Nigora twin does, Gia and Mia, sunning themselves.  I tried to get a picture without the fence but they got up and moved toward me wanting a hand out.
My husband started to paint on the porch railing.  We should have painted it last fall but then didn't get to it.  So now with winter coming to a close it's looking terrible.   This is a view of the porch railing before painting.  I was sitting in a chair on the porch relaxing after a full day of taking care of animals, working on fence, popping in the house to do laundry, fixing food for kids throughout the day, and I decided to take a picture of my view.  Even though I would rather not have a doghouse in my front yard I do like my sheep there to watch.  It is quiet relaxing to watch them and at the same time see the blue blue sky and hear the wind in the trees gently go through.  I felt God looking down on my little spot and smile.  It's so easy to get down and out when things are so hard at times but we have to remember that God does love us and he is watching out for us.  He just asks us to have faith like a mustard seed. 
 I hope everyone has a great week!

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  1. The last two days have been wonderful! I thought I heard some spring peepers on Saturday. It was hard to tell. We were doing yard work and the leaf vacuum was turning on and off.

    Yes, God is good!