Monday, January 10, 2011


Titus is such a wonderful ram.  Maybe next year I'll have a scarf and hat made out of his wool. 

Playful kitty in the snow.  He was the only one wanting to play.
Kitty cat foot prints.

RoseBud looking all serious, which she is not.
My daughter Gabi's cat loves to climb the fences just to get closer.
We did not have much snow compared to areas of TN south of us, but it was enough that roads are bad.


  1. I have a friend that lives in Chattanooga and they got 8" of snow. Everyone just stays home in TN when that happens, but in WI we need about 2 ft. before we think, "Maybe I'll wait for the plow to make one pass". :D

  2. Snow is a serious handicap in areas that don't typically get it. I always think of Amy Grant's "A Tender Tennessee Christmas" when I think of TN - not snow! We may get some tomorrow night, followed quickly by a "PIneapple Express" (a warm, WET front).

  3. The problem with snow in TN is that people drive like they would in good weather and then there are wrecks. We also have many hills and curves, so if you go into a ditch it's not always a small ditch.