Saturday, April 9, 2011

First Lambs...One Week Old Today!

Since I have no more lambs that have come and I don't expect any until at least another week to 10 days I decided to take pictures of my twin ram lambs that are a week old today.  They are doing great and Peep is such a good mom!

Ram lamb--Calling him Gideon and is out of Underhill Peep x Saturday Night (spotted ram).  So far he has only leathery patches where horn buds should be.  ?Full polled I'm hoping.  Planning on keeping him.  Twin brother below right now is the one for sale.  

Ram lamb--Calling him Eli and also is out of Peep and Saturday Night (spotted ram).  He also only has leathery patches where horns would be, hopefully full polled as well.  At this time he is for sale as a registered ram.  Please contact me by my email listed on my farm website if interested.  

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