Friday, April 15, 2011

Newly Born

Isn't HE cute!  Yep, another boy.  I was so hoping that this little one was a girl; I love the markings.  As you can see he is freshly born.  His mom has done a great job cleaning him up.  He was up within about 15min getting a drink.  He's a stocky little boy and has flat patches where horns would be.  I don't need to keep him because I have his daddy and I only have a very small flock.  I'll probably be selling him, let me know if your interested.

Name: ANVO Acres Jonah
DOB: April 15, 2011

Dam: Zephyr Easter Day
Sire: Lil'Country AV Titus


  1. Cute little spotted gully boy!

  2. Thanks Michelle. I still wish he was a she. I have one more ewe to go. She had a ewe for me last year, here's hoping. :) He is healthy looking though.

  3. I hear you on the girls; I got NONE last year. This year I have two and LOVE spoiling them, but don't if I can/will keep either of them. One ewe is leaving, but I've already committed to a yearling katmoget from Garrett when he comes west for Black Sheep Gathering.

  4. Oh, and I REALLY wanted a ewe lamb out of the ram I leased to breed to all four of my ewes, and only got one lamb - a ram - out of him! The heartbreak of a shepherd.... :-)

  5. What a nice little spotted Gully! I have never had a Gulmoget, so that's on my wish list.
    Congrats and crossing my fingers that you get the girl of your dreams.

  6. Yes, I guess that's the way of being a shepherd...never knowing what you will get. I guess that's part of the excitement also. Kelly, thank-you and I hope so to.