Saturday, August 27, 2011

Just another day...

We homeschool our kids and yesterday (Friday) we studied Bible, history, numbers, and phonics.  Along with the usual studies we do some untraditional things like "Life" in general.  So yesterday was just another day taking care of "life on the farm".  I told my son that we needed to change the chicken pen around a little.  It had started to look a little weather beaten and drooping in areas of the fence.  I decided to move my girls little plastic play house for the chickens to use and it would at the same time help keep the tarp over their pen elevated.  The first picture is just of my daughter watching it happen.  She is one I have to ENCOURAGE to help usually.  She does take care of the cats well, her favorite animal.

Gabi with one of our kittens (latest batch).

Kella saying 'come on' to show the new chicken area.

Shane being funny with the chickens and one duck.
Exploring for new bugs and such.  I think they were excited to have it changed around.

Soon to of my new Nigora buck I'm getting from GA.

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