Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tucker -- My New Nigora Buck

Well I finally got my new nigora buck.  He is a F2 which means that both his parents are Nigoras and their parents were each one from a nigerian and angora goat.  So now I can breed him to my F1 nigora does for spring 2012 kids.  Of course with him being a F2 and my does being F1 I'll get F1 kids but it's a start toward what I'm wanting to breed.  He is a little rough looking right now.  His coat is so fine that it has matted.  We've had rain, etc here so once it clears and I have just a little time I'm going to hand shear him so his coat will grow out again nicely.  My does coats have not matted and are just nice and fluffy.  Maybe that is one of the differences between the F1 and F2 nigoras.

I tried to find the baby picture that was sent to me by the lady I got him from but I couldn't.  That picture shows his black and white spots better.  Right now he looks like a fuzzy little lamb. :)


  1. He really does look like a lamb -- with long ears! (-:

  2. He is so sheepy looking! I can't wait to see what his and Kami's kids look like! In the second picture it looks like he is talking to you. Is he friendly?

  3. He is very shy. When I picked him up we had to chase him down to get him. Just give me a little time and he'll be friendlier. :)