Saturday, October 1, 2011

Highlights from our trip North.

We just got back from taking a trip up north.  This trip was multipurpose in that I attended a Juvenile Diabetes Conference one day on Wed, we rolled some family vacation in, and I picked up a new ram lamb in IN on the way home.  Since we homeschool our kids we included some educational stops for the kids (and the adults) going up and coming back down from MI.   Some of the following pictures are sights we saw.  My husband saw more city sights then he would have liked going up, so coming back down toward the south we ended up taking some alternate routes; which we both enjoyed.

This was at SunWatch Indian Village that is located next to the Miami River in Dayton, OH.

The picture to the left is what they rebuilt according to what archeologist found at this site.
This picture below is a replica of the village in the museum part of what it probably looked like complete.

 On some of the back roads cutting through MI to cut down into IN we came across this little apple and antique store.  Bought some wonderfully delicious fuji and applecrisp apples, I found a old metal picture with a house and sheep, the girls found some books, and my son found some pokemon cards that the ladies son was selling.  He thought he struck gold. :)
The barn below is just one of many neat barns that we saw on the trip when we took back or secondary roads.  I wish I could have gotten more barn shots.  I just love pictures of neat barns.  One day I wish I could just take a couple of days and travel some back country road to take pictures of old barns and neat sites.

 On the way back down through IN we came across several museums in one place near Ft.Wayne.  So the first group of pics are the war museum.  Many of our pictures blurred so we don't have many to salvage.
It made me realize all the more the sacrifices many, many people have made for our country.

 These are just a few of the pics we took next door in the car museum.  It was really neat.  It had from horse drawn carriages to monster trucks to the hot rod "General Lee" that my husband and son are standing in front of to the left.
My husband took pictures of everything.  My camera only blurred about 1/3 of them so we salvaged more than from the war museum.

Shane loves Batman!
Below is Wee Sheep Smiley--Polled white shetland ram that I just picked up coming home on this trip.  I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of babies he can produce for me with the girls I have.  Presently he will cover all of them and Titus is in reserve this year. 

 This is a picture of Louisville as we were sitting in traffic; they were working on the interstate and we had to take alternate routes through the city and my husband was snapping pictures.

Took a picture of the KY sign to show that we were almost home; just one state away from TN.  Home!
Trips can be fun but oh so tiring at the same time.  I guess that I am a home body at heart and I'm glad to be back home.  I'm thankful to God for answered prayers and giving us protection on our trip. 



  1. Welcome home, Happy Sabbath, and congratulations on a handsome new ram!

  2. Happy Sabbath to you. He is kind of skittish and I'll have to work on halter training him. When I can get a picture of his fleece I'll have to post it. It's very nice I think, but I'm not very experienced in that area yet.

  3. He is very handsome! I hope you get lots of wonderful lambs from him. It looks like you had a pretty terrific trip. I kind of miss all the museums and educational trips we took with our children.

  4. Congrats on your new ram, he looks to be a nice one.