Friday, September 23, 2011

Of Kids and Billy Goats

My kids decided they wanted to get the billy goats out and let them eat some grass.  Our back yard has become a 'hay field' since we haven't mowed for awhile.  We did not have rain for a month and then we've had a lot of rain and no real good time or energy to mow.  It's nice to live in the country and not have to worry what your neighbor will say about your yard, but then we have only one neighbor that lives past us :)

So back to the my kids and the billy goats.  Nigerians are wonderful because their small enough for my kids to handle and even the billy goats are usually gentle enough as you can see.  We have some wonderful ones right now even though they are starting to smell with breeding season just around the corner.  Spike on the far left will be bred to my nigerian does while Shiloh and Apollo get to sit out this season. :( Poor guys...but we had some wonderful babies from them this year.

That's all for this Friday.  Have a wonderful weekend. :)

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