Friday, February 3, 2012

I've started to have an addiction!!!

Well my addiction started with this knitting project for myself,  but it's still not finished because...

Then my girls were asking where their scarfs were so I started a small scarf project of crocheting.  I tried to learn in college but never picked up more than the single chain stitch.  I watched my husbands niece on christmas day and decided to try again.  This is Kella's little scarf; my first finished crocheting project.  In the meantime I've also been working on a black scarf for my husband, because of course he's asking to have one done also, but his is taking longer because I'm knitting his. 
This is the partial done scarf  I've crocheted for my daughter Gabi.  I decided to try two different colors for hers and learned a new crocheting stitch from youtube.  The purple/pink yarn is so soft because it has some alpaca in it.  I can't wait until I use some of my own shetland and mohair yarn from my own animals.   
This is Gabi modeling her finished scarf.  Isn't she beautiful!  

While my own knitting project is still on hold I'm trying to finish my husbands scarf that I'm knitting and I just started a bright orange scarf that I'm using the Afghan Tunisian crochet stitch.  I'll post pictures of both of these little bit later. 


  1. The scarves look wonderful! Now you will have to learn to spin your own yarn!

  2. This is very true. First I think I'll get it processed and then I have my friend that can spin it up. I'm looking forward to using my own yarn!