Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bitter Sweet

Today Spot, and soon to come kids, went to live with the Lee Family today.  She will be missed but I know she has a good and loving home.  She was one of my very first Nigerians and has given some wonderful babies over the years.  I had not planned to sell her but I had an opportunity to trade her for a very gentle and kid friendly pony.  My kids are tending to want to ride some of the goats; so now they have a pony to ride and lead each other on.

So Oreo came to live with us today.  She is very sweet and has already found a spot in my heart.  The kids just loved riding her today.  Even though the sun was shining it was breezy and cold today and I had to force them at times to come into the house to warm up and give Oreo a break.  I'm hoping she feels a little at home with having our pyr, Lance, in the fence area with her and some goats.  The family she came from said she was pastured with another great pyr and some other animals.  She has done great here so far and eventually I'll put her and Elf, our mini gelding, together and see how they do.  Here are a few pictures of her and the kids.  So far the goats have mostly stayed clear but when they have walked around her she has not offered to kick which is great!

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