Saturday, May 26, 2012

Babies, how they have grown!

Bottles babies: 2 lambs and a kid-- Trying to get them weaned to twice a day.  From left to right:  Holly, Hartleigh, and Coco (soon to be whethered; don't need a friendly ram)

Well since we did not go to church today; our kids are sick and we did not want to spread any germs around.  I decided to take some pictures of all the babies.  Enjoy and Happy Sabbath everyone!

Fiona-- shetland ewe

Frosty-- shetland ram (soon to be whether)

Lannah -- shetland ewe

Kella with her kid goat Prince (he is a 'light' Nigora)

Junior -- my son's kid goat

Maryann with her twin kids.  I've named them Bonnie and Clyde for now.

Princess Rose -- Gabi's kid goat

Snack time.  Prince nursing.  (Nigora's)

Bonnie and Clyde getting a snack.


  1. Super cuuuuute! I'm extra jealous because my nigora doe either didn't get bred last year, or aborted in the ultra-early stage due to transporting her and her doeling here. Your photos are making me anxious for next spring already!! Thanks for sharing!! =)

  2. It hasn't been always easy to breed nigora's; hit or miss most of the time.