Friday, May 18, 2012

Last kid to be born!

Ginger, my F1 Nigora, finally had her baby.  She was BIG and I thought she would have at least two but only one was found this morning.  It's a 'he' but very cute.  So he is 1/4 angora and 3/4 nigerian with blue eyes.  My youngest Kella is wanting to keep him, so for now he's a keeper.  Maybe he'll turn out to be a good prospect for breeding in my nigora program if he is bred back to full angora does.  That's a thought.

On the good side, Ginger has a great milk bag on her and I had to actually milk her some today because she looked too full.  I got 10oz easily and did not even milk her out because the baby was still needing to have some to nurse.  Maybe she'll be my milker this year.


  1. Awesome! He is adorable. And how great about Ginger being a good milker!

  2. Yes I know. It will be great if I can continue to milk her. He may not have very good fiber (time will tell) but he has floppy ears like the angora.